Wednesday, August 08, 2012


When in Scotland, radio isn't top on my list of things to do. But, I do take my 2m handie with me in my rucsack, and occasionaly get on.

First sidestep was up to Calton hill, 5 minutes walk from the central station and with great views all round

True to scottish form, it rained. But I was able to access a couple of repeaters and have a nice chat from here.

Next stop, Portobello beach. Nice view, rubbish place to play radio.

So it was time to hit the highest spot in Edinburgh, Arthur's seat

The only real advantage over Calton hill was that I could get into GB3CS repeater. I was in a hurry to get down the hill for lunch so didn't stay long.

Next stop, my HF station which I set up at home

Yes folks, if you worked me in the European HF championship, this is where I was. And this, my super 20m antenna:

Ahem. Enough said.

And my last activity, back on 2 metres again. In the spring, I went up a hill near our mountain house in León with my dad, and it seemed like he enjoyed it. So this time, I asked if he wanted to go somewhere similar and he said sure. So we chose Dumyat, a hill relatively close to home and which is not a difficult climb, but being close to the forth valley, has a great view on a clear day. We were lucky, it was a nice sunny day (well, almost) and we had a pleasant stroll up. Almost near the top, I wondered out loud if that might be a SOTA summit. It wasnt long before I found out. I got a reply right back to my first simplex CQ call, and then was broken in by Jack, GM4COX, to advise that yes I was on a SOTA summit, and he gave me the reference (SS-216). I don't think they have any time rules like DVGE and I was able to make a few people happy, and even make a summit to summit contact with a guy called Robin (whose callsign I forgot), out east of Fort William. Not bad for 5 watts.

Yes, standing on the cairn does make a difference to the signal.

I had no idea about SOTA so I checked out their nice website when I got home at . What really surprised me was the amount of mountain activity in the area. I must look into this further, it looks like fun.

And finally, last stop on the tour, a visit for coffee, cake and antenna work at GM1DSK, Meeeester Steve, from Perth

The smile on his face is due to us finding (and fixing) a silly fault in the twin lead of his ZS special. Always a really nice visit.

It was great to be back!

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