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(Following on from How it all began and GM7CXM/GM0OBX)

After getting my first reciprocal licence as EA5GQI, I upgraded to EA5ON in 1994. I had requested other calls, but in those days there was no easy way to tell if the calls had been issued or not, in spite of the callbook, and I was given EA5ON. Not a great sounding call, but there sure are worse ones out there.

In the early years at our house in La Eliana I managed to do a fair amount of radio, since I wasn't working full time and we didn't have kids. I started off with a windom made out of scavenged wire and a broom handle which extended the top of the antenna over the TV mast. I then bought some pieces of aluminium and made a telescopic mast from which to hang dipoles from 40 through 10 metres. Then I built a 2 band Moxon for 12 and 17, out of bamboo which my friend and neighbour Esteban EA5FY and I scavenged from a nearby river bed. 11 months of happy DXing came to a sad end on 1st Jan 1994 (see the last photo at http://www.ea5on.com/2012_07_01_archive.html).

After that, I put up a Butternut HF6V vertical on the roof, with the tuned radial kit, and this worked pretty well until it was replaced at easter 1996 with a 40' tower and a Mosley TA53M, 4 element 5 band beam, which stood me in good stead until after moving house in 2005.

The rig during all this time was the Kenwood TS-140S that I'd brought with me from Scotland, which was finally replaced by a vintage Icom 765 which I still use in my home shack in Valencia today.

In 2005 we moved to a flat in the city centre of Valencia. During construction, I managed to get a small tower installed on the roof and on top I now have a small Optibeam OB6-3M installed. There is no room to install any low band antennas at this location. Being in the city centre, most of the advantage of the antenna up at 27 metres above ground level is lost due to the adjoining buildings and the high noise level on receive. Also one has to exercise restraint when using the kilowatt amplifier here. Due to all of this, I started using PSK mode a bit more, and brushed up a bit on my very rusty morse. And I also use my mobile station a lot more!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant information on mobile dx'ing Duncan... I have a modest set up at the moment with a tri-mag and a cheap Multiranger antenna on the roof of my Mondeo... but.. I have discovered a spot where I can drive right down onto the sand flats with the salt water only a few feet away and my world of mobile dx has suddenly come alive... next purchase must be one of the MFJ telescopic whips... I might email you for some advice if thats ok

best 73s from Ireland


Duncanito said...

Hi Dave and great to work you today and chat a bit about your plans! Let me know if you need anything, no problem, and in any case be sure to let us know how you progress. Cheers! Duncan

Raymond Burns said...


We have worked in the past Ray WB2MLY.I recently started using a Kenwd TS 480HX in my vehicle and ran into a problem on 17 meters. Every other band seems to wrk well but on 17 when I key up the radio kinda goes crazy. It changes frequency and does other weird things. The head is on my dash and the body of the radio is under the drivers seat in an F150 pick up. I am using a hamstick and a tuner. Looks like rf getting into the radio but every other band including 49 15 20 and 10 work ok. Have u had any problems on 17. Im thinking of trying toroids but thought I wud ask you since u run the 480


Duncanito said...

Hi Ray,
Yes it sounds like the head cable is picking up RF on 17, toroids would be a good move I suppose. I never had that kind of problem with the 480 but each individual installation is unique.