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Duncan EA5ON


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the contact on 17M. Good signal with band conditions variable. 73 - Good DX


Duncanito said...

Good to hear you Don and look forward to seeing you again soon. 73 de Duncan EA5ON

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the contact, a lot of QSB, but at leats we try.

73's From Miami, FL Usa

Duncanito said...

Hola Ramón, Thanks for the call! The way condx are I'm sure it'll be better next time. 73 Duncan

K2ANC said...

Good morning Duncan. Nice mobile sig fron Spain this morning. Ur signal got better after we signed. Tnx QSO & 73, gud DX.

East Rochester, NY

Duncanito said...

Good to see you Lou! Band was just opening when we talked, I think. Look forward to catching you again soon on 17. 73 de Duncan EA5ON

Anonymous said...

Duncan EA5ON/M,
Thank you for the contact today 17th June 13 at 07:30 BST 06:30 GMT on 20meters. I had frequency as 14.1644MHz. I had you 59 but I think you said in last over that you had trouble with noise.
I am operating a Yaesu FT-817ND at 5 watts with a Norcal Doublet and GQRP Z-Match.
I enjoyed looking at your Youtube video about your antenna. Thank you for the contact.
Robert M0NVQ

Duncanito said...

Thanks Robert for the call, 20m a bit rough here as usual at that time of day but you made the trip with the 5w, good job. 73 de Duncan

Alfredo-EA5YJ said...

¡ Cada dia hablas mejor ingles !
bt73, es Alfred-EA5YJ

Kev (GM7DHA) said...

Thanks for the contact on 20m early yesterday morning.

Good to speak to another old GM station :)

I was testing my small magnetic loop indoors with around ~4-5 watts.

Hope to catch you further down the log.

73 from Saltcots, Scotland.
Kev (GM7DHA)

Duncanito said...

Good job Kev! Glad we could make the QSO. GL with the station. Cheers! Duncan