Although some people I know think that Ham Radio is my whole life, that's not actually the case. Like a lot of other folks, I have a family and a job that in fact take up more of my time than the hobby :)

Family-wise, I got married many moons ago to Ester, my lovely, sweet, smart, and zany wife, who after all these years still manages to surprise me. We have twin teenage daughters, who most folks would class as double trouble, but who I'm very proud of. One of these days, I might get round to getting Elena into the hobby, she is interested, but more interested right now in the internet and the other usual teenage things.....

As for work, I did quite a few different jobs before settling down at my current job at Mediterranean Shipping Company where I am in charge of export cargo to north America. We have several weekly containership services from Spain calling most of the big ports in the USA, Canada, and some other smaller ports. It's a fascinating job that requires a wide knowledge of shipping and international trade and even though I started back in 1997, I feel I still have a lot to learn. I am also very fortunate to have a great team working with me, and to work in a vibrant and positive environment. Sure, it can be frustrating and stressful at times, but in this day and age I can't complain.

In this photo you can see me with one of our vessels leaving the port, and another one under operations at our dedicated terminal in Valencia.

This is what makes all the hard work worthwhile, seeing the cargo finally leaving on board one of our many ships!

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