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IARU 2011 contest

ARRL SSB contest 2011

160m SSB 2010

ARRL 10m 2007:

View from the tower at URE Torrent (2008):

IARU 2008:

CQWW SSB 2008:

ARRL SSB 2009:

New antenna installation
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King of Spain SSB 2009:

IARU 2009:

CQWW SSB 2009:
Also in video (tks EB5KT):

Tower 2 OB11-3 installation:

CQWW SSB 2010:


Anonymous said...


Enjoyed working my first mobile to mobile with Europe today on 15m with you. Very nice signal and solid QSO. I enjoyed your webpage and seeing that antenna on the mobile!


Duncanito said...

Nice to work you too Chris, good signal here. Nice QRZ page, I checked out the antenna you are using, I think its also sold here under a different brand name. Working well! 73 and hope to see you again soon on the band. 73

Anonymous said...

Great to work you Duncan on 17m.
Hope to here you again on the band. 73`Gerhard, W7/DJ9QE

Duncanito said...

Hi Gerhard and great to hear you all the way from Oregon! Have a good time and see you soon on the band.

Adrian Donaldson said...

Hi Duncan

Worked you on 20m early last week and after realised I used to work EA5GQI regularly on HF back in the early 90's when I first got my A licence. I remember you come from Blackford if i'm not mistaken. Retired(early) here now.

Good to see were both still active !

73 de Adrian GM0SRD Crossford nr Dunfermline.

Duncanito said...

Hi Adrian, yes that's right, back in the good old days when I had lots of free time to play radio :). Home QTH is Braco, just across the road from Blackford. Hope to see you again soon on the bands, enjoy retirement! Cheers

Anonymous said...

nice to meet a fellow Duncan . my name is Duncan as well . worked you on 14.186 kv4je as well as kg4ytp who was running qrp from south Carolina