Sunday, August 04, 2013

King of Spain SSB 2013

Another one we weren't going to do, but on the eve, decided we would have a "just for fun" entry in the multi-operator class.

From a spanish station point of view, if you want to win you concentrate your efforts on the lower bands, working other spanish stations who are worth more points, plus getting more mults. However, if everyone were to do that, nobody would be working the DX, so we decided we would just get on the air and give out a few points to whoever called us, without making much of an effort to work spanish provinces. In the end it was mostly Victor EA5KV and myself, working "one and a half" stations. We didn't have any filters or stubs installed, so there were a lot of combinations that were pretty much unusable. We stayed on the saturday afternoon until it was time to go for dinner, then came back up on the sunday morning until about 1pm. Our score was low, we came 7th in the multi op category, but we had a good time, were able to do a bit more testing of the 15m yagis, and also use our new air conditioning for the first time!

Here's me on run 1

Vic on run 2

Jose EA5GS

And Belar EA5YI, trying to remember how to use SSB :)

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