Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Blast from the past (1)

I've been meaning to do this for a while but just haven't had time to get round to it. Finally today though I got out the scanner and zipped through a few old radio-related photos that may bring a smile to some faces.

First off, here's where it all started (See "How it all began" on the sidebar).

This is Tamano, home of my parents, and where I was brought up. It's taken from a viewpoint way behind the house, a great place for either some peace and quiet, or alternatively, hooking up to a local repeater.....

And this is one of the earliest photos of the 108AT276 DX station:

The Bremi BRL 210, with a single EL519 valve, made a big difference! If you look carefully, you can see a copy of the Alfa Tango callbook, just next to William the cat.

This dude is Peter frae Motherwell, now also known as GM0HWB. Peter was a right character and I quite often spent my saturdays down at his place having a laugh.

Next stop Lesmahagow, in Lanarkshire, to meet Kevin Mair, now MM6KCM:

And here's a couple of shots of my first field day style event, with Kevin and Bruce, GM1KNP/ZL1AAO: be continued

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