Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blast from the past (2)

At my first university digs, I still didn't have my licence. The place I lived in 1985/6 was right in the city centre of Edinburgh and impossible to put up an antenna. And although as you can tell from this photo, beer and music were important parts of student life, I still had my Alfa Tango cards on the wall, and from time to time I strung my dipole out the window and listened on my Cobra 148....

Fast forward a couple of years, and me and the lads now have a nice flat just across the road from the medical school. I now have my GM7CXM licence and am studying CW. Sort of. I managed to get a 2m colinear on the chimney here and it gets out pretty well.

You can see my FT290R and TS130V in the background.

Next stop Spain. I have my HF licence and have fun working people with my home made VK2ABQ (now known as the Moxon). I have almost daily chats with the high school students at the Bulgarian club station LZ1KVZ in Sopot, under the watchful eye of Gosho, LZ1ZF. These guys did SOTA activities way before it was popular, as these snaps which Vladi (the most active operator at the time) sent me testify:

Unfortunately my mechanical contruction skill left a lot to be desired and my Moxon came crashing down on new years day 1994. be continued

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