Saturday, January 31, 2015

A couple of strays

A wee rhyme I read on LA1BNA's QSL card (tnx Svein):

"The QSL, the holy grail,
The DX'ers joy that comes in the mail,
And though we prize these souvenirs,
It sure takes long - it seems like years!"

And now, check out the reason for KH6CB selling his radio!:

Purchased from AES on 2-20-2013. Factory upgrades already done. Serial #B3100061. Bought this rig as back-up to my IC-7600. My amp blew-up when without knowing a 4 inch lizard got inside my amp and was laying on a RF coil. when I turned power ON, sparks, flame and smoke erupted from amp. Not only was lizard cooked but his intestines was splattered around the coil. Therefore - - I need cash to buy a new amp. $1300 + shipping (from Hawaii). Postal Money Order only. Thanks for looking SONNY KH6CB P.S. Absolutly NO issues with this rig. Still new condition. Approximate air time 20 hours.

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