Saturday, January 31, 2015

MFJ 1979 telescopic whip

This entry is an update to the info already published about MFJ telescopic whips at this link

Basically, the MFJ 1979 is the logical extension of the MFJ 1977: the same improved quality and design of the 1977, but in a 5 metre (17ft) long version. This way, in one simple whip which you can put in the back of your car, you have an antenna that will work all bands from 20m to 6m, when telescoped out to the appropriate length.

Any comments to make regarding this new version? Well, I've had mine for about 18 months, average use several times a week so you can calculate its been telescoped up and down some 300 to 400 times. A couple of weeks ago on 20m I noticed that SWR had jumped up slightly, and after a bit of head scratching, I noticed that one of the sections had loosened up a bit and had slipped down into the one below. After a note on the "REAL HF MOBILE" yahoo group, it seems like many users of this antenna have had the same problem. The quick fix is a bit of insulating tape on the offending joint, the more permanent fix is apply some pressure with pipe tools or similar to make the joint stiffer again. Like the 1954 and 1956 models, life expectancy is not great, but at around 70 euros, I think its probably still worth it.

Performance wise this is like the other whips, it works very well and I have been able to net lots of good DX worldwide, including a couple of New Ones.

I bought mine at WIMO but they are also available now in Spain at ASTRO RADIO.

Happy mobiling!

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