Tuesday, May 15, 2012

6 metres is open! Thanks to Fredy EA5YJ for the alert through his facebook-connected "twit" which I read on my blackberry. Ahhh, technology! I worked a string of central european stations, my first contacts on 6 this year and maybe even in a couple of years. Which would explain why, when I made the first contact with an austrian station, I drew a blank when he asked me for my grid square. Oops. I did then remember, at that location I'm right on the line between IM99UL and IM99UK. I gave the second, but I think all those grid hunters are just interested in the first 4, so, who cares. Anyway, nice to be back on 6, even if it is only sporadic-E. I still haven't made a single real DX contact on the magic band. Will cycle 24 ever wake up enough to let us have a crack at it?? Watch this space.

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