Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Us radio hams get around a bit. Today I was calling on 17m and heard the unmistakable tones of my friend Eric, EA5GWG, from La Cañada, about 20km from where I was. He came back to me to correct the call. Yes, it was him all right, my ears hadn't deceived me, but the call was ES0GWG, in Estonia.

The funny thing was, apart from the fact that he was about 2000km away instead of 20, was that the last time I saw Eric, I was parked almost in exactly in the same spot as today, and he turned up on his bike. It was a kind of deja-vu with a difference!

Eric has family in Estonia, on the island of Saaremaa, and he is there until the autumn for family reasons, so I hope we can get him back in the log again over the summer until he starts again with the usual EA5GWG entries.

Thanks Eric for the nice surprise!

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