Monday, May 07, 2012

Nice QSOs today:
VE7EMI, from Vancouver. He was using the same radio as me, the Icom 7000, and just a wire dipole. What I liked about the contact was his obvious enthusiasm, licensed in 1978 but not active until last year when he retired and now making up for lost time. Thanks Eric!
M0HAO from England. Nothing special at first sight, but this is Máximo, better known to me as EA1DDO/HK1DX and a long-time contributor to ham radio in Spain. Check out his website for lots of interesting info. For me, the best bits are his comprehensive table of ARRL test data for a large number of transceivers, complete with an explanation of what each concept is, plus a very detailed and practical section on quad antenna design and construction. A real pleasure to meet the man on the air at last!
W4UWC, Knoxville Tennessee. George and I have been radio friends ever since I’ve been in Spain, its always a pleasure to sit back and listen to his great signal, either from his FT1000MkV + homebrew 2 x 3-500SZ, or FT2000 + quadra, all going out through the TH11 or 4 element monobander for 17m. Here’s a photo of his very well appointed shack:

And finally today, I was fortunate enough to get 7O6T in the log on 12 and 15 metres!

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